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Clock PCB and Hellorld!

I finished modifying the Clock board and we finally had a chance to test it. It all works aside from one feature.The counters we use for the program counter are synchronous, and so is the reset, so when you press preset you need to send a clock pulse to get them to go to zero.… More

Clock Board

The new clock board arrived and, well, I made a few mistakes. But over all it functions as expected. So lets run through it The big difference you’ll notice is that we’ve gone for a simpler select of speed. Rather than having a low/hi switch and 16 sub divisions, we’ve picked 10 speeds, ranging from… More

Part supplies and Game of life

Well, things were going so well, but sadly the part shortages have caught up with us. Let’s explain where we are, we now have a fully functioning PJ5 CPU, however starting it requires a bit of jiggery pokery as you have to let the Fast Rom boot first before you can excute code, this is… More

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