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Rework complete, Fast ROM & a surprise

The rework has been completed and 6 new boards have been ordered from JLCPCB, these are; Instruction Decode (with the new instructions and a greatly simplified logic that should speed things up) Program Counter (removing of mod wires) ALU (simplification and removal of mod wires) Register board (so it’s no longer upside down) Special register… More


We’re progressing well with the reworking of the PCBs for PJ5, but there is a lot to do. We’re taking the chance to swap out slow parts as far as possible with faster parts, with the hope we can hit 4MIPS, however the slowest path is still the hardware divide, so we may not quite… More

Display board

So we hooked the display board up to our CPU and it worked, so it was well worth testing with the FPGA version first. The full system test now incorporates displaying a graphic image (a fox) on the display, We’ve been able to run this successfully at 1MIPS which is wonderful.We can connect 4 of… More

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