PJ5 TTL CPU Project

Here you’ll find details and updates about our home built TTL based CPU

Latest from the Blog

Who’s daft idea was that?

Finally, after about 2 weeks of pain, the program counter schematic has been completed. It’s also been simulated and seems to be working a treat. Why so long? well, some daft person (that would be myself, Paula) decided she wanted interrupts, which meant the program counter became extremely complex very quickly. It took about threeContinue reading “Who’s daft idea was that?”

Architecture & Instructions

A few people have asked what the Architecture of the PJ5 CPU is, and we’ve kept things kind of quiet whilst we were developing it, now that the instruction decode is under way we’re fixing the instruction set. First of all here’s a drawing of the CPU; The ALU is split into 4 parts; TheContinue reading “Architecture & Instructions”

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