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A giant leap

Well we’ve had a busy few weeks. We fixed the problems with the Special register board and the floating outputs for the flags.We also received the ALU board, tested that, added a mod wire or two and the bit-shift/rotate board arrived. Our ALU is based on the 74hc181 4 bit ALU chip, which is why… More


We tested the Special register board and I made a mistake, well three mistakes.I forgot to connect the outputs of the flags to the bus connector, which meant that the conditional jumps, like brz (branch if zero flag set) don’t work as the pin is floating. So I’ll be modifying that in the next few… More

Bit Shift/Rotate

We finished the bit shift and rotate PCB, bit of a complex one to route this one and we used a lot more of the available board space than we’d expected to, thankfully it all fitted in. This board allows us to shift, or rotate, left or right a value on the A Bus by… More

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