PJ5 TTL CPU Project

Here you’ll find details and updates about our home built TTL based CPU

Latest from the Blog

Tick Tock Tick…..

We got the PCBs back from china, and assembled the missing parts and the clock pcb sort of works. It did after a couple of mod wires at least. The main clock is an 8MHz clock module, which feeds into a 32 bit divider, giving us a selectable range from 4Mhz down to 0.0018hz (AboutContinue reading “Tick Tock Tick…..”

A Test Tool and a Clock

We made a quick little test tool consisting of some hex displays, some LEDs and a couple of sets of dip switches. Nothing very exciting, but it’s so nice to confirm that we can send any register to either output bus. For the moment we’ve park the special register PCB as we both agreed thatContinue reading “A Test Tool and a Clock”

We have lift off

Our register board seems to be good so far, we’re able to write to the registers and see the correct patterns on the LEDs. Here’s a quick video; In the video we’re clocking the data in around 20hz, making it easy to see, it’s being controlled by an arduino, just for testing purposes. We’ve hadContinue reading “We have lift off”

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